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Inspired by true events

Against All Odds

A deaf girl and her rescued dog dance magically together while competing on a national TV talent show!

Dog Dancing
Girl Dancing

$25,000 Dog Talent Search

Contest not yet open to receive submissions! You will be able to send us a video of your dog performing a dance move, a trick, or something funny for the chance to win $25,000 and the opportunity for your dog to be in the upcoming movie, Amy and Angel or a series of entertaining videos on our YouTube channel.

Talented Dog
Feeding Time

Brands Wanted

The producers of Amy and Angel are looking for brands for product placement in the movie as well as to co-partner in our “$25,000 Dog Talent Search”. We’ve hired a product placement specialist to break down our award-winning screenplay and there are numerous brand placements that can be discretely placed in our movie.

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