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Movie Synopsis


By veteran producer/director/writer Julia Verdin

A shy, 16-year old Amy just wants to dance, but her deafness causes her dreams to be shattered when she is bullied out of dance class by the crew leader.  Finding the most unbelievable new dance partner, her neighbor's neglected dog, they perform a spectacular routine that lands them on a national TV talent show where they compete against her former crew for the championship.


Inspired by True Events


Inspired By True Events

The inspiration for writing the screenplay for Amy and Angel started with my love for dogs. I have always been a dog lover and loved teaching my dog to do tricks. I had wanted to do a film about the bond between a girl and her dog for a while.

I came up with the concept for Amy and Angel after being totally charmed by watching a young teenager, Ashleigh and her dog Pudsey dancing together on Britain’s Got Talent. It wasn’t just me that loved them, they totally charmed the judges and won the show. After that I started to do research and found out that Pudsey wasn’t the only dancing dog. I discovered another fun clip of a woman dancing with her golden retriever to “You’re the One That I Want” song from Grease and many more. I learned that a number of owners trained their dogs to do freestyle dancing and that it had become popular both in the US and Europe. I have also always been a fan of against all odd stories and love to dance and studied dance for several years.

In talking over the concept with my writing partner Deedee Benkovich, we wanted our lead character to have a major obstacle to overcome. We decided that to make the lead character deaf. I wanted the film to have a strong faith element too. Marta was developed to be the character who had a strong faith in God and encouraged Amy to find hers. I would smile and laugh a lot as I was writing the script and hope that the joy that went into writing this will be transferred to you as you read it. This is a story that came from the heart and I was delighted to see that recently the winner of Britain’s Strictly Come Dancing was deaf dancer Rose Ayling-Ellis. Just watching her dance was such a beautiful experience.

By Julia Verdin

To Produce Movies That Make People Smile

Our Goal

With courage and a dream, along with faith in God, anything is possible! 

Click below to see some of the real-life muses upon which our premise is based.

Britain’s Got Talent: 43.7 Million views

Dancing Dog: 20.9 Million views

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