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The Contest


The producers of Amy and Angel need your help. We will be conducting an international talent search for dogs that can either do a dance move, a trick, or something funny to be in our movie Amy and Angel or in one of our doggie videos on our new YouTube channel or other social media platforms. All videos submitted will be considered auditions for our film production and you will have a chance to win any one of the cash prizes below for the most fun-to-watch audition videos.


$25,000 - 1st  Prize

$10,000 - 2nd Prize

$2,500 - 3rd Prize


By submitting your video, you and your dog will receive a “Special Thanks” credit at the end of our movie Amy and Angel. You will also be participating in helping the producers break several World Records, and if these world records are broken, you’ll receive a World Records Digital Badge to place on any of your social media platforms! Once the Contest is open to receive submissions, make sure to read all the details in the Contest Rules as they will answer many of your questions.

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