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Brands Wanted

Do you have a company or do you know someone at a company that manufactures any of the following types of products below, if so, let us know or have them get in contact with us! We’ve identified numerous types of products that can be placed strategically in many scenes of the movie and we feel that the right brands for those products will benefit greatly from the exposure once the movie is released.


We are particularly interested in finding a dogfood and dog products brand to co-partner with us on the “$25,000 Dog Talent Search”. The influence a popular dog brand has and our movie together can reach a lot farther in sharing this great film and their dog products globally.


Below are just a few of the products that our product specialist has identified in our award-winning screenplay Amy and Angel:

  • Dogfood and dog products such as leashes, collars, pet sprays, doggie poop bags, dog bowls and dog toys and more

  • Deaf culture products such as cochlear implants and hearing aids

  • Computer laptop

  • Cloud based video communication apps. Examples are Zoom, Amazon Chime and Zoho

  • Moving companies. Examples are U-Haul, Penske, Budget Rental Truck or the like. Supercars like the McLaren GT

  • Dance clothes with branding

  • Cell phone

  • Voice recognition hardware. Examples are Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Accounting software

  • Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Frozen yogurt

  • Fast food diners

  • Food snacks

  • Makeup

  • Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook

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